Grady Ranch

April, 2015 - Filmmaker George Lucas has proposed a privately-funded 224-unit affordable housing complex at Grady Ranch. Marin Conservation League's Land Use and Transportation Committee will be tracking the new proposal's environmental impacts and will comment on the plan's EIR when it is completed and available for public comment.


Of the 239 acres remaining after Lucas granted 800 acres to Marin County Parks, 52 are developable. An Environmental Impact Report (EIR) and Master Plan for developing 456,000 square feet at Big Rock Ranch and Grady Ranch (pictured at top left) were adopted by the county in 1996. Grady Ranch was Phase II of that plan. In 2012, Lucasfilm was acquired by the Disney Co. and the Grady Ranch plans, which differed from the approved 1996 plans and had therefore been resubmitted to the County, were withdrawn.

The eastern end of Grady Ranch is directly adjacent to the western-most residential neighborhood in Lucas Valley. MCL’s concerns in 2012 focused on the film studio's proposed reshaping of the landscape and Miller Creek. The orientation of the development is perpendicular to Lucas Valley road, extending into a narrow valley at the base of Big Rock Ridge. While the Big Rock Ranch facility (pictured below as seen from the Big Rock Ridge trail) has a low-profile and adapts to the existing landforms, the Grady Ranch film facility as proposed by Lucasfilm would have rebuilt the landscape to fit the structures.

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