Business-Environment Breakfast: Is Silent Spring Just Around the Corner?

In 1962, Rachel Carson warned of a future "silent spring" in which no birds would sing. Her book, Silent Spring, helped launch the modern environmental movement. Yet, there has still been a precipitous decline in wildlife that many scientists call the “sixth mass extinction.” Lesser known is the catastrophic collapse of insect populations.

Join us for the next Business-Environment Breakfast where two speakers will address different aspects of the “insect apocalypse,” why it is occurring, and what can be done at the individual and institutional level to restore ecosystems that support insects and the species that depend upon them.

Coffee, tea, and a breakfast buffet is included in all tickets.

Register online:
or by calling 415-485-6257.


Event date: 11-08-2019 7:30 am
Event End Date: 11-08-2019 9:00 am
Location McInnis Park Club Restaurant

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